Poorly pensioner prompted action

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A poorly pensioner at a parish lunch motivated 
Holbeach St John’s village hall committee member Joan Joyce into getting a defibrillator.

“During the lunch in January I was sitting beside one of our older residents when she taken poorly,” explained Joan. “Thinking it was a  heart attack, people rallied round and the emergency services were called: This frightened me so much, I started the ball rolling into getting a defibrillator for the village.”

The costs of the defibrillator were provided from the ward budgets of district councillors Malcolm Chandler and Bob Creese.

“I am so grateful to Coun Chandler for all the help and advice he gave us and to Coun Creese for his added support, as are all the residents of Holbeach St John’s. To let you know our poorly resident is well and looking forward to many more parish lunches.”

Cllr Malcolm Chandler commented “Bob and I strongly support the provision of life saving equipment being available in all our villages. Village Halls are the ideal places to install the defibrillation units where they are accessible to anyone needing to use, just one life saved will make it worthwhile”