Making young people aware of local issues

Getting young people to vote
Getting young people to vote
  • CABINET CALL: BY South Holland District Council Leader Gary Porter
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You may be aware that Local Democracy Week takes place later this month and I’m pleased to announce that South Holland District Council will be playing an active part.

The national event is being held between October 12 and 18 with the aim of engaging young people in local politics and providing an opportunity for them to voice their opinions and ideas.

In recent years we have seen a lack of young people going to the polls throughout the UK

I’m keen to support any initiative that raises awareness of how local democracy works here in South Holland and as part of the event, councillors including myself will be interviewed by the local media.

We’re keen to get the message across that politics is something which everyone can be involved in, regardless of your age or background and that your views matter.

In recent years we have seen a lack of young people going to the polls throughout the UK.

It’s a serious concern and we need to do more at a local level to raise awareness about the work councils do, the services they provide and the importance of participating in elections. I hope that Local Democracy Week will also encourage young people to consider becoming councillors or embarking on a career in politics in the future.

Whilst it is true that being a councillor is hard work and time consuming, it is also very rewarding and fulfilling.

If you care about the place you live in, it is one of the best ways to make sure that you can play an active part in its future.

We welcomed a number of new councillors here in South Holland following the elections back in May, including young people who were standing for the first time and that was very positive to see. We are continuing to work on several positive projects that will be delivered over the coming weeks and months.

As I have said previously there is much hard work for us ahead, but also plenty to look forward to.


Coun Sally Slade