POLITICS: You can have your cake and eat it too

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I was very interested in the recent open pre-election letter written by Church of England bishops that raises some good points on the EU and the ‘living wage’ debates.

To me, it seemed more in tune with the Labour party’s manifesto than with the traditional view of the Church of England being the ‘Tory party at prayer’.

What they had to say was hardly red blooded socialism, but it was potent enough to annoy (among others) Tory MP Nadine Norris, who declared, ‘the letter was a political crusade on behalf of a clique of elite left-wing Bishops’ (see Sun newspaper February 23).

Meanwhile, here in Pinchbeck, we all support the C of E, whether we like it or not, by paying council taxes for the maintenance and good order of two ‘closed cemeteries’.

Apparently the mega-rich C of E doesn’t want the burden of these costs so our local councillors pay them to the tune of circa £35,000 pa, on our behalf, with our money. Again, hardly demonstrating socialistic principles. Nowadays, more and more, I find religious freedom is a popular subject of discussion for various reasons, so why exclude from debate, the C of E’s tax perks and its right to access funds from our regressive council tax system. Apparently (Sun newspaper) the C of E is worth over £6bn...more than enough to maintain a few ‘closed cementeries’ here and there... I would have thought.

However, if the C of E Archbishops really are ‘left wing’ then, perhaps, the only thing they truly have in common with other rich socialists is that they too like to live in palaces and pay their servants minimum wages or less. In my mind, it all goes to prove, that in this life, for a very privileged few, at least; you really can have your cake and eat it, too.

David Turp

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