POLITICS: Will our MP levy the transport companies?

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I see on the news that (prime minister) Mr Cameron is pleading with companies to pass the windfall made from falling oil prices to the workforce.

“Obviously I want to see companies’ success passed through in terms of wage increases,” he says.

Of course, in a growing economy, one wouldn’t expect a prime minister to be pleading for such things – as wage increases would be expected to follow. So why would he be doing this?

No doubt because, regardless of how GDP is performing, the people in the real economy (ie you or I) are still struggling to maintain a decent standard of living, or indeed to make the ends meet at all.

So the question is, will our MP (who, lest we forget, is Minister for Transport) be asking the transport companies in a similar vein, to pass their “success” on to the people in terms of falling fares?

Or ask colleagues how this Government can get the prices down at the forecourts?

Or ask colleagues at the Department for Energy and Climate Change to force energy companies to also pass on the savings?

The cost to heat our homes and get from A to B is where a lot of our bills go.

The bottom line is that the (real) working people of this country should get the benefit of this falling oil price – and I hope they will.

But somehow, sadly, I feel most of the savings will be pocketed by the one per cent – the stock-holders and CEOs of this country – and yet again the Tories will turn a blind eye.

Matthew Mahabadi

Labour Party PPC – South Holland & The Deepings