POLITICS: Why the sudden interest?

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An entertaining article from MP John Hayes (in Tuesday’s Lincolnshire Free Press). He’s quite a wordsmith, though I’m not into the Great Gatsby.

I like John, he’s an engaging and pleasant man who gets about in his constituency, a skilled and quintessential constituency MP.

He did seem rather less amiable during the count for county back in May, however. Furious would be a better word. Whatever could have caused that ?

I wonder why the sudden interest in writing for the local paper ?

Ah yes, the elections draw near, there will soon be a Tory politician popping up like a genie, with big smiles on their faces, at every local event the press attends.

Give me your vote and I’ll grant you three wishes will be the cry.

In case I bump into one, here are mine. Get us out of the EU now. Stop new immigration, except for a strict points-based system on the Australian model. Tackle high energy prices by removing all green


There are more, but I don’t want to be greedy.

Since John seems to be some sort of adviser to the PM I have a little of my own he may like to pass to Dave: Resign.

Happy New Year everyone, it’s going to be an interesting one.

Paul Foyster

Holbeach UKIP Agen

EDITOR: Mr Hayes is writing a column for the Free Press for one reason: I asked him to.