POLITICS: What about dedicated old kids on the block?

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How Mr Huett must wish he’d waited before he wrote the letter ‘Look over your shoulder at new kids on the block’ (Letters, June 3) overstating the importance of the recent European election results.

In elections to councils and Parliament, with candidates that people know, most voters think very carefully about who they vote for.

That’s why UKIP came fourth in the council elections, getting 163 seats when the Conservatives won 1,360, with Labour in a mid-term lead. Even the Liberal Democrats, who struggled in the European election, won over 400 council seats.

Even worse for UKIP was the recent Newark by-election. In apparently good conditions for them – a sitting MP having to resign, a candidate who people had voted for a fortnight previously in the European Elections, and an area with a good deal of immigration from Europe – UKIP struggled to get support and were beaten by a country mile.

The Conservatives can take great credit for their victory in a fair and clean campaign in which they, basically, just worked harder.

Mr Huett is right that John Hayes is an excellent local MP and is always there when people need him. But in his enthusiasm for the ‘new kids on the block’ he forgets about the ‘old kids’; our local councillors of all political persuasions who work hard and try to do what’s right for our area.

Richard Carey

Market Deeping