POLITICS: We really didn’t need your help Mr Parsons

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Rumour has it that, at last, UKIP’s David Parsons may actually have left the comfy armchair of his Leicester home!

It seems he graced with his presence Monday evening’s meeting of local campaigners in Deeping St James, showing a very belated interest in the cross-party campaign to save the St James Deeping signal box. 
This is the first time he has ever been seen in Deeping St James!

I wonder if Mr Parsons is even aware that, in recent months, our MP John Hayes has been working closely with Conservative, Labour and Independent councillors – all coming together in an endeavour to rebuild the box.

David Parsons’ rash claims of being able to secure heritage funding are not only yet another cynical attempt to exploit concerns of local people for his own party political ends, but also a shameless 
effort to steal the limelight from the considerable effort invested by the community, councillors, our MP and Network Rail in seeking to rebuild the St James Deeping signal box and preserve its priceless heritage for future generations.

Sadly (or perhaps not) for Mr Parsons, the deal is done – Network Rail have agreed to the rebuild, and the cross party group of councillors (none of whom were UKIP) has backed the project all the way. I note the contrast to our first class MP John Hayes who has shown leadership, resolve and integrity throughout.

Leigh Johnson

Market Deeping