POLITICS: We have so much to be proud of

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Richard Carey (January 6, Lincs Free Press) was right to say that all too often people denigrate our town for one reason or another.

It must be disheartening for those whose achievements are overlooked time after time.

How many towns the size of Spalding have two wonderful department stores? Or two terrific grammar schools? Not to mention the rapidly improving Gleed School.

We have a local council that has frozen our council tax for the last four years – even through such economically challenging times – and all the while retained weekly refuse collections. Many of which have been lost in other parts of Britain.

We also have an incredible volunteer-based network providing ongoing services for the town.

At one time, I was a slightly more cynical job seeker. The door that opened for me was one crafted by the hand of John Hayes himself.

I personally saw the benefits of the apprenticeship scheme rejuvenated by John as the Minister of State for Further Education, Skills and Lifelong Learning. I later had the pleasure of personally thanking him for that achievement, among others.

The more we are subject to people seeking profit from bad news and despair – fringe parties like UKIP, or the BNP – the more we overlook the hard work and achievements of our community, our council, our county, our parliament, and our country. But the truth – as Mr Carey pointed out in his letter – is that some things will always get worse whilst others get better. We have much to be proud of locally, and we should not be ashamed of saying so.

Jack McLean

Conservative candidate

Spalding St John’s