POLITICS: We are so lucky to have excellent MP

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I have read with interest and concern comments from prospective candidates and electors, and would urge everyone to think very carefully where they put the X on polling day.

Our Member of Parliament, the Rt Hon John Hayes, is a devoted family man, living in the heart of the community and his deep interest and care for all within the constituency, John’s qualities are well-known to us all (regardless of what party). His understanding for local issues has come from care and attention to the needs of local people over many years.

John stands up for what he believes and will always discuss his views for what he feels is best for the constituency and the country as a whole.

Again, think very carefully when you put your X on those all-important ballot papers.

We are so lucky to have an excellent MP and also the Conservative group on the district council.

Rosemary Biggadike