POLITICS: Vote UKIP and we’ll take you out of the EU

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We were promised that the formation of a European Union would stop further wars, and that the European countries which formed the EU would live peacefully together forever.

What a yarn we’ve been spun. Whilst the previous paragraph has the sound of truth, as always it’s what they don’t tell you rather than what they do, which becomes the hammer to give you a blow.

Ukraine, a country which has for a long time been a kind of punch bag between east and west, was set free following the break-up of the USSR.

However, the greedy beaurocrats of the EU, not satisfied with having six founding states, set out to grab more and more, particularly those of the former USSR, so much so that it’s largest state Russia is fighting back, and whether we like it or not, are being drawn closer and closer into war.

Already former British personnel carriers are being equipped to fight the Russian friendly allies, British war planes have been based in Poland, and British jet fighters regularly head off Russian bombers, practicing for the day they’ll actually attack.

And today I read Conservative leader David Cameron is sending UK troops to help in the fight against Russian-supported troops.

And despite assertions by our Conservative prime minister that he can negotiate any subject with the EU to our benefit, let me tell you, he can’t negotiate with war mongers, they don’t negotiate, they shoot you dead.

Evidence of this was in the failed agreement by Conservative Party’s Neville Chamberlain which took us into the Second World War.

Germany, frequently an aggressor, is once again thumping the table, ordering Greece to pay what it owes. Greece wouldn’t be in this mess if it had stayed out of the EU. And isn’t it convenient to forget that, after the Second World War, Germany was relieved of spending any of its GDP on an army, whilst we and other allies provided armies to protect its borders. And wasn’t it excused from repaying 55 per cent of its debts, still owing £100,000 to each and every British citizen to this day.

Vote Conservative at the next general election, and your voting for more of the above. Vote UKIP, and we’ll take you out of the war mongering EU.

Peter Bird