POLITICS: UKIP praise for MP... but not for PM

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I have to admit I fully support Margaret Wilson’s view in a recent edition of the Guardian, that John Hayes MP is dedicated, and works very hard for the constituents of South Holland, and ordinarily I might vote for him in a general election.

But a vote for a Conservative MP, is a vote for a Conservative government, who’s leader clearly wants to give away much of our hard-earned money to foreign countries, collected as tax, and given to him under the threat of going to prison if we don’t pay, then followed by cries that he doesn’t have enough cash to pay for our essential and other services.

In addition he has an open door policy that allows foreign criminals to enter our country to commit further crimes.

And much to Margaret’s dismay, UKIP does have policies, lots of them.

The first to remove this country from control by the European Union, then to redirect money previously given away, to our needy services, and finally to regain control of our borders.

I feel sorry for Mr Hayes, but it’s clear to me, he’s riding the wrong horse in this race.

Peter Bird