POLITICS: UKIP – policies, whips and immigrants

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A few notes for (South Holland District Council Leader) Gary Porter in response to his recent letter in your paper: “No surprises with a vote for Tories”.

I was quite surprised when the Tories at County announced the withdrawal of library funding immediately after the 2013 election. What will they spring on us this time ?

Your local UKIP branch policy on immigration in no way differs from that of the national party. We want controlled borders, reduced NEW immigration and the ability to exclude or remove serious criminals and illegals. That is all.

I’ll be happy to enlighten anyone who wants more detail. We have perfectly legal settled communities of EU nationals living alongside us. We would like them to integrate but we don’t seem to talk much to them or them to us. That is sad, counter productive and unnecessary.

Whips. We don’t have them at all. Regulatory matters are quite rightly dealt with behind closed doors. There should be a cross party committee handling this area, not a few majority party whips.

I can’t comment on what they do or don’t do, I don’t know but with a cabinet system of local government, decisions can be made in private, by the ruling party and then simply voted through full council, by virtue of their large majority.

I personally prefer a committee system. It allows a wider range of differing views to be heard but that will be a matter for the new council.

I’m also rather against a big majority for any party. It removes the incentive to listen to electors.

Paul Foyster