POLITICS: UKIP learned nothing from cash scandal

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Clearly demonstrating their naïveté and inexperience, the selection of David Parsons as a parliamentary candidate shows that UKIP learned nothing from the deep-seated public anger arising out of the expenses scandal that rocked Westminster under the previous Labour government.

According to the Leicester Mercury (February 2014): “In June 2012, the council’s (Leicestershire County Council) standards committee censured Mr Parsons and concluded he had disregarded four key principles of public life – honesty, integrity, accountability and leadership, by allowing more than £5,400 of the council’s cash to build-up in his personal bank account.

“Those expenses should have been promptly transferred to the council and, in October 2012, Mr Parsons publicly ‘fully and unreservedly’ apologised.

“He further apologised for failing to change the arrangements for reimbursement despite requests to do so by senior council officials, and for ‘failing to help’ auditors investigating expenses claims.”

With reference to the “regrettable” expenses incident that saw David Parsons quit as Tory leader in Leicestershire in 2012, no doubt the Spalding Guardian will continue to be as vigorous in scrutinising Mr Parson’s suitability for public office and calling him to account.

Michael Davidson

via email

EDITOR: We covered the expenses scandal surrounding Mr Parsons in the December 4 issue of our sister paper the Spalding Guardian.