POLITICS: UKIP desperate to scare up a few more votes

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I realise that UKIP are desperate to ‘scare up’ a few more votes here in South Holland, but for Peter Bird (Spalding Guardian, February 26) to present the EU and the David Cameron response to Russian expansionism in the Ukraine as war-mongering is, in my view, total nonsense and I won’t be voting UKIP.

First, Ukraine is not a member of the EU. Secondly, Russian aggression pre-dates current Russian and Soviet Russian ambition ever since the days of Peter the Great(1672-1725). It is nothing new ut today, thankfully, our collective security through membership of the European Union, United Nations and NATO allows the UK much greater hope of countering such aggressive expansion.

UKIP still have more than a little home work to do on their public statements

Nothing new either is the revelation of a Russian propensity for spying on, and, testing our defences by military ‘brinkmanship’. This has gone on since 1945.

I’ve encountered this Russian ‘brinkmanship’. In 1971 while serving in the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal we famously collided with a Russian warship spying on our ‘night-flying’ operations.

Night-flying involved a ‘darkened ship’ steaming 30knots into the wind to lift off fully armed Phantom fighters. The Russian navy, in those days, had no such capability, hence they were keen to spy and hamper. Sadly and most worringly... right now, thanks to Tory defence cuts...neither do we! No wonder Mr Putin is so bold.

My whole point is this: how can David Cameron, as a current EU leader, also be, by association, a warmonger when he has arranged to ‘ring fence’ and increase foreign aid spending at the same time as his coalition government has cut defence spending by 30 per cent with more to come?

The confusion in Mr Bird’s letter indicates UKIP still have more than a little home work to do on their public statements. Finally, I dare say that if the UK leaves the EU and the EU finally breaks up there will be much cheering and drinking of champagne at UKIP HQ... but not nearly as much as there will be in the Kremlin.

David Turp

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