POLITICS: Trying to pull wool over our eyes

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UKIP member John Hayter and others commenting in your online edition (spaldingtoday.co.uk) are quite right.

I get very cross when Tories push this line about controlling EU immigration and restricting benefits.

They can’t do it. It’s against EU law to offer migrants a worse deal than UK citizens and open borders are a fundamental principle of the EU.

These matters will never be negotiable. There is only one way to solve the problem and that’s to leave.

All three old parties are fully committed to staying in and John Hayes, in his usual charming and seemingly reasoned statements, possibly in reply to earlier remarks by Mr Hayter, is simply following his leader’s line by trying to pull the wool over our eyes when he says otherwise.

I don’t think I need to explain the problems of excessive immigration to the people of South Holland. They are neither blind, deaf nor stupid.

An Australian-style points-based system, humanely applied to everyone with some weighting in favour of the partners and families of existing UK citizens, is the best way forward. UKIP is the only party that offers this.

Next May you will get a choice of continuing as we are now for the foreseeable future or electing a party that is committed to a proper referendum as quickly as possible and will campaign for an out vote.

It’s your decision. Make it wisely.

Paul Foyster


UKIP South Holland and

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