POLITICS: Threat to quit took real guts

John Hayes
John Hayes
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As someone who feels strongly about reducing immigration and rolling back the powers grabbed by the EU over the years, I was naturally leaning towards UKIP at this election.

However the choice by UKIP locally to select David Parsons, the former leader of Leicestershire County Council, who had to quit over an expenses scandal which led to an 18 month police investigation, really got my back up and makes a mockery of UKIPs claim to represent a “new kind of politics”.

To hear him speak with such pride about his working class background was powerful

What disappointed me more was David Parsons’ response at the recent candidate’s debate at the South Holland Centre when he was confronted with the independent reports into his past. He showed no remorse and even claimed he’d been cleared of wrongdoing – a claim which was torn apart by the man in the audience who had a copy of the damning report with him!

By contrast the decency and boldness shown by John Hayes on the night was noticeable – saying that he would quit the Government if the Conservatives don’t offer an EU referendum, as they have promised, took real guts.

To hear him speak with such pride about his working class background was powerful, and give him credit – John Hayes is the only candidate I’ve seen out and about, who’s knocked on my door, and who is listening to what local people have to say to him.

John’s right – the only way we will all get a say on leaving Europe is with a Conservative Government. A vote for UKIP will, ironically, stop that.