POLITICS: They seem to treat us as morons

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Is it just me being apathetic, or do the rest of your readers feel the same about these career politicians, who seem to treat us, the public, as a bunch of morons!

For the majority of their term in office, many seem to duck and dive when challenged over pre-election day promises which they often appear to break once elected. The Andrew Lansley NHS reorganisation fiasco springs to mind! These people will always put their party first, even if it is not in the local people’s interest.

I, for one, when deciding who will receive my vote in the forthcoming elections, will judge all candidates and their respective parties, solely on the first four-and-a-half years of their conduct during the most recent parliamentary term.

I will not be taken in by hollow promises made during the few months preceding the election. Or by those horribly insincere photographic opportunities taken holding babies, or falsely showing concern posing next to our senior citizens.

In 1995, our Prime Minister John Major brought in the ‘Nolan Principles’ as a code of conduct in order to address “sleaze” in public life.

Sadly, judging by my own experiences in dealing with both local and national government over the past six years, I can only come to the conclusion that these principles are being disregarded in far too many instances.

It is interesting to note that when a public inquiry needs to be held in connection with possible wrongdoing or injustices, the word ‘independent’ is normally placed in front of public inquiry.

When push comes to shove, even the main political parties have to concede that they are not trusted by the public with this responsibility. So why do we trust them to run the country without constant strong, independent challenging in Westminster?

With this in mind, I strongly suspect that my cross will be going into the Independent box on election day!

Jan Hansen