POLITICS: Some towns have kept what we have lost

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Richard Carey sprang to the defence of John Hayes with a long and elequent letter promoting John as one of the best constituency MPs in the country.

He failed to tell us that he is the deputy chairman of South Holland and Deeping Conservatives!

We should compare like for like.

So John is friends with David Cameron and Ed Miliband? So how does that help us?

Compare Spalding with other towns of a similar size, they all have new hospitals, business parks, new roads etc.

Some of them also retain their magistrates court and other services that we have lost.

As for doom and gloom? I don’t feel like that at all. I love Spalding but it needs more input from our elected politicians.

So get off your soapbox deputy chairman and stop pretending you are a member of the public with no axe to grind.

Steve Freeman