POLITICS: Perhaps majorities not so safe?

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An interesting letter in your paper from the Conservative chairman last week, though rather inaccurate.

Oh dear Margaret, a tiny minority ? May I remind you that we won the Euro elections last year, doing very well indeed in Lincolnshire.

Tim was not sacked. He, like so many of us, works his socks off for his country. He was elected to an additional job on his local council and could not deal with the extra workload. He had done much of the groundwork, so he put local people first.

Since your party has not yet published its May manifesto, I assume you have no new polices of your own either.

I point you towards our “100 points for 100 days” recently published. We will produce our document when you have exposed your own effort – there is a strange tendency to copy policies from others just now.

I make no comment on our MP other than to say I judge people by what they actually achieve, rather than how broad their smile, how much publicity they get or how many local events they attend.

We are not voting for individuals but for parties here, wrong of course but that’s the way it works.

A Conservative vote is one for remaining in the rapidly failing EU and all that comes with it. There will be no meaningful renegotiation and your party will be campaigning to stay in, come what may.

No doubt individual candidates may be allowed to pretend otherwise, until after the election.

This year brings us an opportunity to move forward in a new direction, not to remain stuck in the EU rut, to seek wider trade links with the whole world, control our borders in the same way as most nations, free ourselves from the dead hand of unelected officials in Brussels, pass new laws designed for us, not for France, Germany or Romania. In short, a chance for genuine change, not just more of the same.

I’ve lived here for many years, my wife is a local farmer’s daughter. I’ve never seen the local Conservatives so agitated. Perhaps those majorities are not so safe after all ?

Time will tell.

Paul Foyster

Chairman UKIP South Holland & the Deepings