POLITICS: Our candidate has youth on his side

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I attended the selection of our parliamentary candidate for the South Holland and the Deepings constituency at the South Holland Centre.

There were three worthy candidates: Benjamin Cook, Matthew Mahabadi and Kate Osborn. The hustings was well

attended and there was a question and answer session from the floor for each candidate.

As reported in the Free Press, Matthew Mahabadi was elected as the Labour Party parliamentary candidate.

It is good to see the younger element taking an interest in politics and standing up for their principles and what

they believe in.

Being in public office comes with some key principles, honesty, integrity, accountability and leadership. I think Matthew can embrace all four of these in his quest to become an MP. If not in 2015, he has

youth on his side for future consideration and the 2015 election will be a good CV to have in his locker.

I am sure, like me, local Labour Party members will give Matthew all the support he deserves and all Labour Party supporters will look forward to hearing more from him as the election draws closer.

Combined with our local elections it will be an interesting time for local candidates and their supporters.

The only disappointment for me was not reading this report from the front page of the Lincolnshire Free Press.

Rodney Sadd

Labour Party member