POLITICS: Only UKIP can provide change

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In response to Mr Darley’s letter to the Guardian, headlined “ The Tories are the party for Europe”, I fully agree.

That’s exactly what they are.

There may be a few Eurosceptics amongst them but Mr Cameron and most of his party are fully set on remaining part of the EU. They have no

intention of leaving, ever, under any circumstances, just like Labour and the LibDems. UKIP have never claimed we can just leave, clearly a controlled and prepared withdrawal will be necessary, followed by new trade agreements. Tory attempts to re-negotiate are just a cynical

scam intended only to help them retain power. No meaningful changes are possible, the EU have said so very clearly.

If Cameron thinks he can win a referendum, after obtaining a few minor and token concessions, it’s just possible we will get one but I doubt it.

The EU and it’s hugely damaging open door and uncontrolled immigration policy is only one aspect of the embryonic United States of Europe that we object to and there is far more to UKIP than even loss of sovereignty to Brussels. I expect our electoral system, local democracy, education, housing, defence, law and order, foreign policy, trade, employment and much more will be covered in the first edition of our 2015 manifesto, to be published later this year.

Lincolnshire, at Westminster, County and District has been governed by the Tories for a long time. They have become set in their ways, unable to think laterally and hidebound by their inbuilt sense of self

entitlement to rule. A strong Tory majority at any level is the last thing we need right now. Without a viable and active opposition, based on support from ordinary people, from outside the world of the

Westminster bubble and its local apologists, things will just continue to stagnate. For the first time in a generation, change is possible.

Only UKIP can provide it and in due course form a genuine people’s government.

Paul Foyster

Chairman. UKIP South

Holland and the Deepings