POLITICS: Letting the people decide works for me

Christine Lawton
Christine Lawton
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I am pleased that something amuses Mr Cronin, although I did not find his unhelpful attitude at the steering group which looked at the possibilities of building a community centre for Wygate at all funny. On the question of delay perhaps he should consider “motes and beams”.

As to his central question: “Why are the residents being restricted to a building?”, the simple answer is that the 106 money from the developer was for a community building. Like my predecessor (before your time Mr Cronin) I too am a simple soul – I believe that a facility which could accommodate such excellent groups as cubs, WI, dancing classes for children, a meeting place for the retired would be in principle a fine idea. Difficult to host such groups in the open air!

That sounds pretty democratic to me!

That is why the Wygate community is being surveyed (by an independent charity) to ascertain the wishes and desires of the local residents. That sounds pretty democratic to me!

I value team-work and loyalty and wish to associate myself with the efforts of Cllr Gambba-Jones and others in this attempt to discover the 
appetite for a centre for Wygate residents. Let the people decide – it works for me.