POLITICS: Let’s sort out integration

Dennis Hannant
Dennis Hannant
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Simple answer to town centre manager’s (Dennis Hannant) question in the Spalding Guardian of April 9 is yes, it would be better to have empty shops rather than more unattractive foreign shops selling cheap booze.

As for the statement “shops need to sell alcohol to make them pay” – this does little to keep pubs open where they do have toilet facilities.

The council needs to accept responsibility for the state of demise of Spalding

What’s needed are more independent shops, a cook shop, wallpaper supplier with pattern books, iron mongers, to fill out the town centre.

Now to address the issue of eastern European shops and alcohol – the council needs to accept responsibility for the state of demise of Spalding.

The following statement should be implemented:

“Insist on integration and the removal of controversial lettering surrounding these European shops (it suggests that only migrants are welcome to use such places).

“If a alcohol licence is required then limit the time to that of when the town centre toilets are open for use.”

Spalding has for a number of years had “foreign labour” to assist in the harvesting of seasonal crops and factory workings without all this fuss we are now getting so let’s get integration sorted out as these people are here to stay no matter who wins the general election.