POLITICS: Let’s do away with all titles

Gary Porter
Gary Porter
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So Gary Porter is to be elevated (or should that be relegated) to the House of Lords, that expensive talking shop for political failures, aristocrats, time-servers, cronies and party donors.

Now I have nothing against Mr Porter, but I think it’s fair to say he has not been chosen for any dazzling insights he can bring to bear on the country’s many problems.

Rather, he has been selected by David Cameron to swell the already bloated ranks of the upper chamber with Tory cronies in order to get his Government’s legislation through more easily. Tony Blair did the same thing.

The sooner the honours system, the House of Lords, the monarchy, the public schools and the whole paraphernalia of patronage and privilege is consigned to the dustbin of history the better.

We should do away with all titles (along with the ridiculous fancy dress which usually goes with them).

That said, no doubt we will soon be looking at pictures of Lord Porter in his ermine cloak as he plays a game laughingly called democracy.