POLITICS: Labour candidate’s five pledges for the area

Matthew Mahabadi visits Southfield House ANL-150414-162619001
Matthew Mahabadi visits Southfield House ANL-150414-162619001
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Just wanted to share an update on the campaign trail with your readers!

Last Sunday, me, Rodney Sadd and Wojciech (Voyteck) Kowalewksi took ourselves to visit Holbeach. The weather was spectacularly sunny. We were out to talk to voters about their concerns, and to launch my five pledges to the whole of South Holland and The Deepings, which are:

We spoke about a range of issues, many of which I am pleased to say touched on the five pledges I have made

1. Local Healthcare – Defending and upgrading local NHS provision (mental health and adult care services especially).

2. Local Workers – Increasing access to employment and training opportunities for younger workers, and adequate and flexible childcare provision (including SureStart).

3. Local wages – Working with businesses to deliver a Lincolnshire Living Wage for both urban and rural residents.

4. Local transport – Improvement of bus and train frequency and evening availability, and sustainable investment in our roads

5. Fairness – Tackling abuses of zero hours contracts.

We spent the morning until mid-afternoon meeting voters and supporters, as well as knocking on doors to talk to locals about their concerns and hopes for the next government. We spoke about a range of issues, many of which I am pleased to say touched on the five pledges I have made.

I spoke to one elderly lady who was concerned for the NHS and the pressure it was coming under. This is something I have picked up on more and more from constituents.

I also spoke to an unemployed gentleman who was frustrated with the lack of opportunities in the area, the pressure local services were coming under from population growth, the growing rich-poor divide and the sky-rocketing rents for private tenants.

He was considering voting UKIP, and I spent time to talk to him about his concerns and in the end we had a really constructive debate about avoiding a reactionary approach and instead investing properly in services to support our growing local economy, reducing the rich-poor divide and reducing the damaging effect of houses in multiple occupancy (HMOs) on the local population.

Later, we took a break from canvassing and visited the fantastic Lodge Farm Cafe where Kim, Katy, Kat and Mandy were great hosts. The food was great, the sausages superb. The day was capped wonderfully with a trip to Southfield House, a private care home in Spalding. I met some of the wonderful residents who were kind enough to let me enjoy some cake and tea with them, whilst we spoke about their lives and their enjoyment of this happy, calm and loving establishment, and the wonderful nurses and staff who seem to be ever-attentive and welcoming.

The visit was organised by Pamela, who has coordinated a fantastic outreach programme called ‘Older People Deserve A Voice’ that encourages local politicians to visit and talk to residents and ensure that they are fully informed and able to vote.

Matthew Mahabadi

Labour candidate to be your next MP