POLITICS: Is this competition really fair?

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As a subscriber and, often a contributor, may I ask you this? Is it fair that the Lincolnshire Free Press and the Spalding Guardian should, increasingly, face competition for advertising revenue, from ‘tax-payer funded’ publications like the Tory-controlled ‘Spalding Now’ and the ‘Pinchbeck Chimes’.

These are publictions that are funded by the rest of us paying for a ‘councillor’s budget’ ( currently £5,000pa). What chance does someone, like myself (an Independent candidate for the next elections) have of competing for votes against this backdrop?

It is totally unfair the way the local Tories go about their arrogant business

Also, in my view, it is totally unfair the way the local Tories, exercising, their flawed view of self-entitlement, go about their arrogant business,plundering our council taxes and harming local newspapers in this way. Why should it be allowed to continue?

EDITOR: thanks for your words David, but from a newspaper’s point of view, we are fine with these publications.