POLITICS: Invitation to all local schools from UKIP

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An interesting and well written article by student writer George Barnett in last Thursday’s Spalding Guardian.

I agree that politics does not seem to be covered much by many schools. Strange since it will have such a big influence on their student’s futures.

I’ve written to Spalding Grammar to see if they would allow students to question our representative

In fact I’ve recently written to the Spalding Grammar School headmaster to see if he would like to allow his students to question our representative, use his premises for a public meeting or arrange some other event that includes all parties fielding candidates in the local and national elections.

Through your pages, I extend this to all local schools.

The young have the right to make their own decisions. They need information to do this and right now the national media are doing a poor job of providing it, though fortunatly the local press seem much keener to present a balanced view of these important next couple of months.

Paul Foyster

Chairman, UKIP South Holland & Deepings.