POLITICS: I expect a public apology

UKIP winners Peter Bird (parish) Paul Foyster and Pete Williams (district)
UKIP winners Peter Bird (parish) Paul Foyster and Pete Williams (district)
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I have already thanked the good people who worked so hard as activists and candidates for my local party and for their country.

All 25 odd of them, as opposed to John Hayes’ claimed 200 activists. They did so on a budget of less than £2,000, all raised locally. I do not think there is much glory in a very marginal increase in Tory votes in such circumstances.

On the other hand UKIP increased it’s votes three times over, came a close second in several council seats and won two, from a standing start. This was not an official target seat and there was little help from our head office.The existing majority was considered to be too large. I am disappointed we did not do better but very pleased with our efforts.

To all those who voted for us, thank you. We will do our best for you. Please remember there are county elections in two years and we will need your votes again. You should also recall, when the time comes, how your local MP thinks of you for daring to vote against his party.

The recent comments by John Hayes are very disappointing. I thought Conservatives had better manners. I expect that sort of cheap smear from Labour, but not from Tories.

“Blemish on civilised society that is UKIP”. He should read our manifesto and local election material properly and state exactly what leads him to that very false conclusion.

He has just insulted some four million voters who chose UKIP on Thursday

He has just insulted some four million voters who chose UKIP on Thursday, over 10,000 of them in South Holland and many more who were tricked into reluctantly voting for his party, because it told them it was the only way to avoid being ruled by the SNP in a coalition with Labour. Winning an election does not entitle anyone to behave so inappropriately.

I have received many calls from members and supporters deeply hurt by his insults and demanding he retracts his rude, inaccurate, indeed untrue remarks.

To give voice to such rubbish after an election is not just political banter, it is inexcusable. I expect a public apology.