POLITICS: How many have below standard incomes?

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Another year, another glitzy summit, where the billionaires and politicians descend to the ski-resort at Davos for the World Economic Forum 2015.

Chancellor George Osbourne will also be in attendance, trumpeting what he considers the ‘success story’ of the British economy.

But sadly for the people of this country, the picture is not so rosy. In fact, Davos might as well be another planet as far the evidence shows in the report “Households Below A Minimum Income Standard” published this month by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Sadly, the report contains damning evidence that in 2012/2013, four out of ten British households with children (or 8.1 million people) were living below the minimum income standard – an increase of more than one third since 2008/2009. So has the recovery simply by-passed these people? (For the record, the minimum income standard was decided through focus groups of ordinary members of the general public to be the minimum income level required by persons to have food, shelter, clothes and be able to participate in society).

This isn’t about political point scoring. It is about pointing out media-assisted Tory myth-

making about the ‘recovery’. People are still genuinely suffering from the casino capitalismof the bankers in New York and London, and the deliberate shrinking of the UK state by ‘tea party’ Tories is making matters worse, not better.

I would like to know on behalf of the folk of South Holland and The Deepings if our MP has any idea of how many households in our area have incomes below the minimal income standard identified by the report?

If he does, he ought to be horrified. I would like to know what he, and his Goverment, intend to do about it, not just nationally, but here in his own constituency.

Matthew Mahabadi

Labour Party PPC – South Holland & The Deepings