POLITICS: He’s right – they do need examination

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I note that (UKIP agent) John Hayter’s letter in the previous week’s Lincolnshire Free Press called for a more serious examination of UKIP – I think that is only fair and am happy to take him up on that.

Perhaps Mr Hayter would like to comment on UKIP’s decision to join forces with the Polish Holocaust Denial Party (KNP) in the European Parliament?

The KNP leader has said that women are too stupid to vote and that wife beating could be useful.

Does he consider it an acceptable trade off by joining forces with holocaust deniers in exchange for £1 million of taxpayers’ funding and a front row seat for Mr Farage to gain TV camera time?

Perhaps Mr Hayter misses the point that what people really care about is their local representatives who work tirelessly week in, week out, helping to provide better services for the people of South Holland. That’s what I see from district and county councillors and our local MP John Hayes all the time; but I suppose that old fashioned, quietly getting on with the job approach is of less interest to UKIP who clearly prefer to snipe from the sidelines.

As an example you only have to look at our two UKIP county councillors in Spalding, both of whom moved within months of election to a party called the Independence from Europe Party, along with their then Leader, after a major bust-up in the UKIP group.

Richard Fairman has now moved back to UKIP, but they (UKIP) seem to spend their entire time sniping at each other in council meetings, which has all become rather unpleasant, rather than getting on with the job.

Richard, to be fair, does vote with the Conservatives most of the time, so we are grateful for that.

Coun Nick Worth

via email