POLITICS: He has big majority but it’s not 2010

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Peter Williams, the landlord of Spalding’s Punchbowl pub, is the first UKIP member to have “come out” as a possible candidate in the district council elections.

He does indeed have his hat in the ring and it looks very likely he’ll be selected. Of course he’s only the first of many. Well done Peter. Of course, like the Tories, we are still recruiting council candidates. It’s hard to get someone for every seat and thus allow the people of Spalding the widest possible choice.

To tell the truth, right now we’re busy selecting our parliamentary candidate. There are several good people to choose from and it’s vital to this district that we find the right person to replace John Hayes. He may have a big majority but this is not 2010.

The hustings will take place soon and we’ll announce the winner before Christmas. Then it’s up to the people. Our full list of council candidates will come soon after the others publish their own.

You don’t have to be Tory or even a member of the Independents to represent your community. Even in South Holland, others can stand as well.

It’s a bit soon to kick off the council elections, like Christmas they seem to start earlier every time. The local media and hand delivered leaflets are already full of the brave deeds of our present district councillors. No mention of the Red Lion Quarter money pit, the libraries debacle, immigration, power plants or wind turbines from them however.

Any of them feel like doing a Carswell ? Applications, in a plain brown envelope, treated in confidence. If so, you need to move quickly, wards are starting to fill and we are very selective... records will be checked. Perhaps I should not hold my breath.

In May we will have the most interesting batch of elections for a generation. It will also be the first time for 100 years that a new grass roots party has mounted a challenge to the established order. It will be fun. Make sure you are part of it.

In the near future your children and grandchildren may ask how or if you voted. In five years a 15-year-old will be 20 and they’ll be living with your choices. Don’t duck this responsibility, you may regret it if you do.

Paul Foyster

Chairman, UKIP South Holland and Deepings