POLITICS: Give us a chance to deliver

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Throughout my life, just like many other readers of this paper, I became disillusioned with politics, and although I had skirted with the major parties in the past, I finally decided to do something about it, and joined the only party which seemed to be sympathetic to the voices of Mr and Mrs average, namely UKIP.

I always thought the abuse of open government and democracy was restricted to those MPs surrounding our parliament, but since I became more involved in politics I can see this abuse has spread down through all levels of government.

If you want open government and democracy at a local level, vote UKIP

A good example of this occurred in our own back yard recently, when our district council decided to block the comments, online, of residents from Sutton Bridge who are annoyed about a local development.

I see it as a two fingered gesture to the public: “Pee-off, we’re the council, you’re just the people.”

And which parties do these councillors represent? 24 Conservative and 12 Independent. “Ahaa!” I hear you say, “independents are not members of a political party, they don’t vote according to the party line.”

Well that might be true if those same independent councillors (who are constantly ducking below the radar by not commenting in the letters columns of the local press) didn’t meet together prior to a full council meeting to discuss the agenda and matters for debate (that could be collusion), as quoted by their leader Coun Angela Newton in the Lincolnshire Free Press of March 3.

On another occasion, it has been whispered to me, councillors could have met to discuss and vote on a local development without the knowedge of their residents – mind you I couldn’t say if this is true because the meeting could have been so secret nobody, even the councillors, would be able to discuss it.

IF you want open government and democracy at a local level, vote UKIP. If we don’t deliver, give us the sack. In fact if I don’t deliver, I’ll resign, But please, give us a chance first.