POLITICS: Free Press hustings a very tame event

David Turp
David Turp
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As part of the audience at South Holland Centre for the hustings event organised by the Spalding Guardian and Lincolnshire Free Press, I came away, like others, feeling that the whole event was a sham.

For instance, you already employ MP Mr John Hayes as a columnist at your paper; and then, lo and behold, Tory councillor Rodney Grocock is allowed to ask the most pressing question of local issues... why do you like living in South Holland and why do think this area is so beautiful?

They were too busy slamming UKIP,and patting themselves on the back

So, that is the SG&LFP press editorship idea (assuming you chose/allowed this cringewothy question) of a really pressing political question to be allowed?

A question that allows a Labour candidate to tell us all how nice the yellow fields of rape seed are, and ‘local man’ JH to embarass the UKIP candidate by waxing lyrical about his membership in the community since 1997. I was not the only part of the audience to cringe at this sycophant line of questioning.

I, having submitted real political questions which were ignored in favour of ..Why do you like? etc am not impressed. However, I did get to ask a very relevant supplementary question, which if you were listening, and probably out of decency you ought to report... My question was this: What are you politicos on the panel going to do about restoring the Johnson Community Hospital bus route?...Did you we get an answer?...No. They were too busy slamming UKIP,and patting themselves on the back, while espousing their usual waffle, to answer fully.

The whole event leaves me feeling this was a wasted, futile and tame event dominated by Mr Hayes’ supporters.