POLITICS: Forgotten under their watch

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When I first moved to Spalding over 20 years ago it was a little run down. But... It had a tax office, driving test centre, magistrates court and a flower parade of national importance. All these have disappeared under the watch of our MP John Hayes and to some degree Council leader Gary Porter.

John is a very nice person with a high profile at Westminster but that simply is not good enough. The recent budget for road infrastructure does not include Lincolnshire let alone South Lincolnshire!

The recent visit to Downing Street by John Hayes and Gary Porter to lobby for dualing the five year old Spalding to Peterborough road was about raising the Conservative profile before the next election. We are a forgotten part of the country – this has happened underJohn and Gary’s watch so why should we vote for them again?

The People’s Parade not only has a bad title but lacks a focus. What does it celebrate?

It’s no use local politicians “supporting” local campaigns – they should be driving them and banging tables to be heard!

I have voted for John ever since he has been our MP but no more.

Enough is enough I will cast my vote elsewhere for a candidate who is South Holland centric!

And I don’t care what political party he represents.

Steve Freeman

via email