POLITICS: For more of the same, Hayes is your man

John Hayes
John Hayes
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A lot is being said by the Conservatives about “local man, local issues” – but this is not a local election – it’s a General election!

It’s Mr Hayes’ actions at a national level that should be up for scrutiny, and banging on about local issues is just a blind.

Having a government post means our MP was very much a part of it all

On a national level, our local MP does not stand out as a “people’s champion”. Did local people really want the NHS opened up for privatisation? Tax breaks for millionaires? Raised tuition fees? Bedroom tax? Fracking all over the county? Mr Hayes voted for all the above.

He voted against an £8 minimum wage, against banning MP’s having second jobs and against an amendment that would allow better/quicker access of information on paedophiles in high places.

Then there is the banking fiasco – £375billion of free money to the greedy banks that caused the economic bust, but an eight-year delay for any safeguards for the people against it happening again.

I could mention food banks, the hounding of disabled and vulnerable people DWP, till some die of neglect or commit suicide. Pensioners chased for £100 tax on their income while big corporations don’t even get their wrists slapped for paying no tax on massive profits.

Having a government post means our MP was very much a part of it all. A government, not for the people but for the banks and corporations.

So, if more of the same is what you really want for the country, then John Hayes is your man!