POLITICS: EU has fostered hatred at local levels

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I had to smile when I read David Turp’s letter in the Spalding Guardian recently, waxing lyrically about the European Union, and its ability to stop wars between countries. And how Conservative leaders have worked tirelessly to ensure our membership.

What he fails to tell readers though, is the fact that far from reducing hatred, it’s fostering it at very local levels. For instance The EU has recently given £48.6 million of our hard-earned money to the people of Budapest to buy new modern and comfortable trolley buses to ride in, while the people of South Holland have to put up with old second-hand, worn-out vehicles, such as the boneshaker single deckers on the No 37 service to Peterborough. The residents of Budapest must be laughing all the way to the bus stop.

So Conservative Mr Cameron, where are the new modern and comfortable buses for the people of South Holland – sorry I can’t hear you, speak up. Oh yes, I understand, we can’t have them because you’ve just given £2.9 billion to the EU, in addition to the £13.8 billion you’ve previously given, and £11.5 billion to other countries.

Next you’ll be telling us you don’t have enough money for pensioners’ bus passes, decent care homes for our old people, sufficient police to combat crime, our libraries, pot holes in the road. We understand Mr Cameron.

Peter Bird