POLITICS: Cynical attempt to exploit our concerns

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Rather than grandstanding from his home in Leicestershire, David Parsons (UKIP’s prospective MP) would, (if he’d ever visited Harvester Way),

know that as a ward councillor, together with our MP, John Hayes, we were instrumental in a very robust campaign against the planning application for 50 new homes. Both online and paper petitions were very well supported – a big thank you to everyone – and submitted to the planning authority.

We continue to champion the cause of local residents with regard to a further application for 100 new houses. Not least, because of a lack of consideration for the immediate impact on congestion at what is an already very busy junction.

David Parsons’ cynical 
attempt to exploit the very 
legitimate concerns of local residents for party political ends is self-evident.

By his own admission, he “only recently became aware” of the issue – not what you’d expect to hear from someone who claims to want to represent our area!

Coun Angela Harrison

Crowland and 
Deeping St Nicholas