POLITICS: Britain is not a democracy with coalition

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Democracy. How easily the word trips off the tongues of our political masters. John Hayes was at it last week in his Free Press column, extolling the virtues of our great British ‘democracy’.

Surely Mr Hayes, of all people, knows that Britain is patently not a democracy, and has not been for the past four years.

Readers may recall that in 2010 the Conservatives (Mr Hayes’ party) failed to win the general election. Undeterred by the voters’ lack of enthusiasm David Cameron simply enlisted the help of the shamelessly opportunistic Lib Dems and seized power by the back door, appointing himself Prime Minister in the process.

The honourable thing to do would then have been to call for another election, with the Tories and Lib Dems campaigning together on a coalition ticket. Alas, that would have been too much like real democracy.

As a result we have now had four years of a government which not one single person in the country voted for. John Hayes might call this democracy but I don’t.

Until such time as Britain becomes a democracy once more politicians such as Mr Hayes should do us all a favour and refrain from insulting our intelligence with spurious use of the D-word.

Nick Basford