POLITICS: At least she stands up for the parish

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In reply to letter in December 18’s Guardian: ‘Council has caused furore’ .

Well that is rich coming from Coun Brewis. It is he who has the “brass neck”, he who has done nothing to help the parishioners of Sutton Bridge fight off an incinerator. Why didn’t he stand up at the South Holland District Council planning meeting and object strongly to the application?

Why didn’t he get the application pulled in?

Did the fact that he delivered the developers’ PR leaflets for them have anything to do with it?

I am sure Coun Hills would make an extremely good district councillor when elected next May. She will be in a position to influence the other members of the Conservative group making sure that Sutton Bridge is not dumped on yet again.

Regarding the issue of the disused toilets, let’s see if Coun Hills is successful in getting them handed over, because Coun Brewis has not managed to achieve it.

Coun Hills has done more for Sutton Bridge in the last few years than Coun Brewis has in the last 30. Of course she would vote against her group if it was for something she believed in. It’s a free country and I know she would not make feeble excuses for not being able to support her parishioners .

Coun Brewis questions whether Coun Hills would be allowed to vote against her group yet he stands as a so-called “Independent” councillor – independent of what? one may well ask – as he is one of a group of 12. Is he saying that he is not allowed to vote against his group?

What a refreshing change it would be to have a district councillor who is not afraid to stand up and be counted.

I can only suspect that Coun Brewis feels truly threatened by Coun Hills. If not why would anyone in their right mind criticise someone who is trying to achieve something of benefit for their parish?

Tom Rowe

Sutton Bridge