POLICING: No wonder they are rushed off their feet

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Firstly I would like thank Inspector Tyner for taking the time to write such an extensive response to my letter.

I am fully aware that he does not allocate the number of staff to any given area.

My question about uniformed officers covering 24 hours on shifts was to establish exactly how many there are and was not a criticism of him personally or the people under his supervision.

If he or they thought so I do apologise. I do not believe that the public’s expectations of the police have changed that much over the last 40 years. They want to see a uniformed presence in their area, they want some action taken on even minor offences that they see regularly.

Litter and dog mess on our streets, graffiti on walls and buildings and drunks being anti-social affect a lot of people and are what most of us who venture out see on a daily basis.

Inspector Tyner stated there are eight sergeants and 35 constables covering South Holland on shifts. I imagine there will be one sergeant at Holbeach and one in Spalding. Say 15 constables at Holbeach and 20 at Spalding. That is five a shift for the Spalding area covering Crowland to Tongue End and West Pinchbeck to Moulton Chapel. Each of these will have annual leave, courses and court to attend throughout the year. No wonder they are rushed off their feet and we do not see (m)any of them in town.

Perhaps we should start a large public campaign to change policing priorities regarding 24 hour uniform cover and get government to allocate more resources to Lincolnshire which is a very large area to police.

Nigel Wickenden