Police: ‘We take all calls seriously’

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A POLICE sergeant has pledged to carry on working towards keeping the streets of Spalding safe after claims officers failed to respond when a “homeless woman” was reported sleeping in a shop doorway.

David Gray wrote to the Lincolnshire Free Press saying he called police after workers and children came across the woman in a doorway opposite WH Smith.

Mr Gray said people were “shaking their heads in disgust” at the woman, who “was causing distress to members of the public”.

After making the call to police, he said he waited 30 minutes, but no-one turned up – and he challenged Sgt Stuart Hurst to “look into why no action is taken on so many complaints”.

Sgt Hurst said he would not normally respond to public comments in a newspaper, but on this occasion he would as the letter online attracted more than 60 comments.

In the comments, he said it was claimed the homeless woman was Polish. Sgt Hurst said: “The person was in fact a British woman, who had chosen to live in that way.

“The incident took place in Hall Place on Tuesday, April 24. We got a call at 8.30am and attended within the hour.

“The next day we got a further call about the woman and attended within 15 minutes. We asked her to move on, which she did.

“We take all calls seriously and we will continue to work towards making the streets of Spalding safe.”