POLICE: We need visible officers

Police on the beat
Police on the beat
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I have just read the letter from Dany Dalley titled ‘Is this necessary?’ (Spalding Guardian, July 2).

With all the bad press that the police are getting recently in relation to violent crime in Spalding, why shouldn’t there be a visible presence in the town on the busiest day of the week?

Isn’t being visible what people are constantly complaining about? People saying they never see police officers out on the beat. Yet when they are there to provide a reassurance to market goers and a deterrent to shoplifters, they are criticised.

Did Mrs Dalley actually talk to this ‘burly copper’ or was she too scared? I think it’s ridiculous that Mrs Dalley states that the officer was standing around scaring children and old grannies.

Unfortunately, the world we live in today means he doesn’t know what his next incident will involve and he needs the taser and body armour for his own protection.

The officer was merely doing his job and was there as a response to complaints of street drinking in the town, which many have highlighted as a disgusting feature of the town centre.

I think he does a wonderful job and he should be there every day that he can be and so he should be.