Police vow to monitor Holbeach rowdiness

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A CRACKDOWN on boy racers and rowdy behaviour in Holbeach is under way after complaints from residents.

Battlefields Lane allotment site, Holbeach Community Centre and University Academy Holbeach are just three of the sites being monitored by police in trying to stamp out problems caused by youths playing loud music and “revving” up car engines.

Reports of allotment shed windows being smashed and boy racers driving around outside the college in Park Road and the Tesco store in Boston Road South have prompted the police to take action.

Carol Rudkin (65), of Stukeley Gardens, Holbeach, said: “My son’s shed was vandalised three weeks ago and we both think it was because he was down at his allotment when the police were called to deal with these youths.

“They probably thought it was my son who called the police, but they should be prosecuted and maybe it would calm them down.”

A community centre spokesman said: “The boy racers used to sit outside, revving their cars and throwing rubbish out of their car windows.

“The neighbours used to complain about it before, but it’s eased off now.”

Holbeach district councillor Martin Howard said: “There has been trouble at the allotments and with boy racers driving around at night.

“They used to meet outside the community centre and drive all over the grass until the police moved them on.

“They were a nuisance to people because they played loud music and it’s been a problem for a few years.

“But the police are now watching them and keeping them in order because I haven’t heard anybody talking about it.”

Complaints about anti-social behaviour at Battlefields Lane allotments were discussed by parish councillors at a meeting in Holbeach St Marks last week.

A Lincolnshire Police spokeswoman said: “There was an incident on August 1 relating to a number of cars parked in the Battlefields Lane area and reports of resulting anti-social behaviour.

“Officers attended and took the details of those who were there and gave words of advice.

“No criminal offences were reported and they were moved on.

“A few days before, we had received a report of some damage to shed windows on the allotments which has been recorded as criminal damage.

“The local police team are monitoring the area.”