Police role ‘not job for the boys’

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A FORMER chief executive of Lincolnshire County Council has put himself forward as a candidate for the new role of Police and Crime Commissioner.

David Bowles decided to stand as he believes the role should be independent of politics and has slammed the main political parties for treating it as a “job for the boys”.

Speaking about the little known fact that police commissioners can appoint political advisers as deputy commissioners, he said: “This proves it is nothing more than jobs for the boys.

“You only have to look at London where Mayor Boris Johnson is already police commissioner. One of his acts was to appoint a deputy and – surprise, surprise – it is a fellow Conservative politican, appointed on a staggering £128,000 a year paid for by council tax payers.

“How can this inspire confidence in independent policing?”

Instead Mr Bowles, who was instrumental in ensuring corrupt county council leader Jim Speechley was convicted and jailed for misconduct in public office, plans to stand as an independent candidate.

And he intends to focus his efforts on reversing the feeling that the justice system is “too soft on crime and the causes of crimes”.

He said: “All too often there are no real consequences for those caught and convicted, with real concerns about visible policing and anti-social behaviour.

“Even worse there are strong public feelings that the system favours the criminal not the victim. We need to reverse that.

“It is vital we elect a Police Commissioner who knows the county and will put the interests of the people of Lincolnshire first, not their party or their own political career.

“I do not have to follow a party line from London, instead I want to listen to what the people of Lincolnshire think and I want them to get in touch and let me know what their concerns are about crime and policing in their areas.”

To get in touch with Mr Bowles, go to his campaign website at www.independent commissioner.org.uk