Police: Please only judge us on crime we’re aware of

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A SPALDING police sergeant has challenged residents to “judge us on our results” after two town-centre arrests for anti-social behaviour.

Sgt Stuart Hurst said the arrests were both made after members of the public complained about two men causing a nuisance in seperate incidents on Wednesday.

And he said officers could only act to tackle problems such as drunken people behaving badly if they were aware while an incident was happening.

He said: “Both matters were dealt with as a result of members of the public calling us to complain at the material time while the offences were ongoing.

“We attended and dealt with them robustly.

“My plea to residents would be that if you see something happening that you don’t like is to call us, then we can be judged on our results.

“All too often people see something, leave it for a few days and then moan that these problems exist and have a pop at the police for not doing anything about them.”

“We have had two good results which show that we do listen to the concerns of the community.”

The arrest were made as part of Operation Trunck, which aims to tackle anti-social behaviour.

The first man, was arrested and charged with being drunk and disorderly outside Boots in Hall Place, Spalding.

He was remanded in custody to Spalding magistrates on Thursday.

The second incident involved a man who was arrested, charged and bailed to Spalding magistrates at a later date accused of failing to comply with a section 27 order requring him to leave the town centre and not return within 24 hours.

Sgt Hurst said: “This man had been issued with a section 27 notice and asked to leave the town centre but had returned within the 24 hours.

“He was causing a commotion so he was arrested for being in breach of the public order act and in breach of the section 27.

“We can use these powers to tackle anti-social problems in the town centre but we can’t be everywhere all of the time so we need to be told when something is happening that requires our attention.”