Police in talks to stop noisy boy racers

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Discussions are talking place to finally stop boy racers keeping residents awake near Spalding town centre car parks.

In the latest of a catalogue of complaints about boy racers in Sainsbury’s car park, residents living nearby said the noise started at 10pm on Saturday night.

The resident said: “At one point it sounded like gun fire from the exhaust. This is the fourth night last week we’ve had to put up with this.

“On Thursday night it was 12.45am. It’s unacceptable – I get up at 6am for work and my husband 5am.

“I’ve called and tweeted the police and they keep saying they need registration numbers. I’m sorry but I’m got going out when I’ve been in bed.

“My mum who is 76 also rang the police and they told her to get some registration numbers. It’s not safe for a 76-year-old to be out late at night doing that.

“Why can’t the police put an unmarked car down there and get the numbers?”

PC Paul Smith, Spalding town centre beat manager, confirmed there had been some complaints about noise from cars at night but said negotiations were talking place to solve the problem.

He said: “Since Sainsbury’s installed traffic calmers, boy racers haven’t used its car park because they damage their vehicles.

“They use the car parks at the other end of Holland Market.

“Although we do regularly patrol the area, we can’t be there all the time and so we need registration numbers so we can take action.”

Michael Moran, Corbo GB representative and manager of Holland Market, said installation of heavy duty out-of-hours gates is being discussed with retailers. He said: “We are looking to meet with the police and council to try and agree on a town wide solution.”

Witnesses should call police on 101.