Police in Spalding find one in three road users acting illegally

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A THIRD of road users were found to be breaking the law in a two-hour traffic crackdown in Spalding.

A THIRD of road users were found to be breaking the law in a two-hour traffic crackdown in Spalding.

Cars speeding and cyclists riding without any lights topped the list of offences found by police officers on Winsover Road and Albion Street before the morning rush hour on Wednesday. Of the 47 car drivers and bike riders stopped, 16 were acting illegally.

Sgt Stuart Brotherton, of Spalding Police Station, said: “Eight of the 20 cyclists were committing offences and a quarter of cars were speeding. I find that quite astonishing.

“Some might say ‘at that time of day there is no one on the roads so what’s the harm?’

“The message is it’s as easy to get killed at 5am as it is at 5pm. People need to start adhering to the speed limit.”

Between 5.30am and 7.30am, officers issued:

• Seven fixed penalty notices for speeding

• Seven fixed penalty notices of cyclists with no lights

• One fixed penalty notice for a cyclist riding on a footpath

One driver was found to have no tax for their vehicle.

The speeding motorists would have been travelling up to 49 miles per hour when pulled over.

“There is no reason why anyone should want to tank along there,” said Sgt Brotherton. “We stopped a variety of people, although most were going to or coming home from work.”

Sgt Brotherton says it appears cyclists do not understand the rules of the road.

He said: “More and more we are speaking to paperboys and girls about their bikes. It seems to be a lack of understanding.

“People need to start understanding the laws that apply to cyclists. While some might seem safer riding on the paths, the roads are designed for cyclists too.

“You can buy safety equipment in Spalding for as little as £6. It’s not a hardship.”

This is not the first time police have taken action on South Holland’s roads.

In December, a team of 12 officers hit Winsover Road, Halmergate and the town centre as part of a day of action.

At the time, they issued six notices under the vehicle rectification scheme, one fixed penalty for driving with no insurance, seven penalties for excess speed, and 23 warnings for cyclists with no lights.

Officers did 25 roadside breath tests but none were found to be positive.

Sgt Brotherton said yesterday: “We will continue to do this exercise, although probably at different times and locations. The public have complained that things are not being done about this matter and we are duty-bound to respond.”