POLICE FOCUS: Drink drivers still taking risk

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Drivers are still taking the risk to get behind the wheel after having too much to drink, according to the results of Operation Blackwater.

Lincolnshire Police’s annual campaign to catch people who drink and drive over the Christmas and New Year period resulted in almost 50 arrests, including at least seven in the South Holland and south of Boston areas since December 1.

These included Stasys Krisciunas (54) who admitted driving while more than three times over the legal alcohol limit after he was arrested on the A16 in Kirton on December 27.

Krisciunas is due to be sentenced on February 11 after pleading guilty to driving with 113 microgrammes (mcgs) of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath, when the legal alcohol limit is 35 mcgs.

Chief Superintendent Phil Vickers from the East Midlands Operational Support Service and lead officer for Operation Blackwater said: “Everyone that is caught drink driving isn’t a success because it means that somebody has been prepared to take the risk.

“But on the other hand every time we make an arrest, it means that we’re taking a drink driver off the road.

“Unfortunately, we’ve still attended a number of collisions where people have been injured because someone has consumed alcohol.”

Other drivers charged with drink driving in the South Holland and south of Boston areas include Wayne Marshall (54) who was arrested on the A17 in Bicker on Christmas Eve.

A roadside breath test showed Marshall to have had an alleged alcohol level of 52mcs per 100 millilitres of breath, compared to the legal limit of 35 mcgs, and he is due to appear before Boston magistrates on January 21.

Mareks Sivickis (42), arrested in Pinchbeck Road, Spalding, on Christmas Day, Michael Hornick (25), arrested in Alexandra Road, Spalding, on December 23 and Vladimir Spiridonovs (50), arrested on the A16 in Spalding, also face drink driving charges.

Mr Vickers said: “There are two distinct groups, the hard-core drink drivers who will persistently take the risk and think they can get away with it and the occasional drink drivers who haven’t planned and decide to take the risk.

“The amount of drink driving incidents in 2014 was the same as previous years, but with an increase in the number of younger drivers aged 18 to 25 who were arrested.”