Police apply for licence review at Punchbowl

Pete Williams and wife Steph at The Punchbowl in happier times. SG100917-157TW
Pete Williams and wife Steph at The Punchbowl in happier times. SG100917-157TW
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Police are seeking a review of the drinks licence at Spalding’s Punchbowl pub, alleging there is evidence landlord Pete Williams “actively” undermines key licensing objectives.

Those objectives are the prevention of crime and disorder and public safety.

It’s also believed Mr Williams (64), a South Holland District councillor, and his son Ben, were the two men voluntarily interviewed by police over an allegation of assault arising from an incident on January 11, but no one has been charged.

A spokesman for Lincolnshire Police said: “We are investigating an allegation of common assault at the Punchbowl public house in Spalding where a man in his 40s was injured.

“This occurred at around 10.40pm on the 11 January. A man in his 30s and a man in his 60s have been voluntarily interviewed. As the investigation is ongoing we can’t offer more at this stage.”

Mr Williams has not commented at this stage on the latest developments but almost two weeks ago he revealed he and his family decided on Christmas Day to quit the pub over a family dinner at another Spalding pub, The Moorings.

Speaking in the Spalding Guardian on January 25, Mr Williams said the Punchbowl was the scene of trouble on at least two occasions following the Christmas and New Year period, and that had “reaffirmed” his decision to quit.

He said then: “It’s taken a toll on my wife, Steph and my son Ben is finding it difficult to juggle pub work and family life.

“So we’ve all decided that we want to move and do other things in our lives.”

The Williams’ arrived at The Punchbowl 20 years ago and Mr Williams and his wife were seriously injured when they were attacked at the pub in March 2016.

In his recent interview, Mr Williams said: “So often now, our customers have already pre-loaded themselves with drink before they arrive here and so every one of these events where we have had trouble have reconfirmed our decision to leave.”

The licensing review involves the premises licence holder and designated premises supervisor, and Mr Williams holds both roles.

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