Please vote in referendum

Ian Stancer
Ian Stancer
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It seems that every correspondent on this page recently has to state a view in the “Brexit” debate. I like to keep an open mind on any contentious issue and listen to all sides of an argument: though it’s no great surprise, what saddens and annoys me more than anything is the total lack of ethics shown by the desperadoes on all sides of the political establishment, as well as the sketchy information and floppy looking promises. It’s no great secret that farming is a key issue in the politics and in a period of such recession in all sectors, it makes it all the more surprising when it seems that a high proportion of farmers are still prepared to take a chance on removing the safety net and going it alone; or perhaps it doesn’t, the very core of our profession is all about independence and entrepreneurial spirit.

For me it’s all about practicality , as a tenant farmer on predominantly sticky soils the gamble is too great , I’d love to farm profitably without subsidy and some day that may come to pass either way, but at the moment I fear the split may throw the baby out with the admittedly grubby bathwater. You could call that selfish, but after all we each have only one vote to cast and whatever the outcome, we will have to adapt to what the majority decide and make the best of it. It’s called democracy and if Britain didn’t invent it, we sure as hell taught to world how to do it properly .

So please Vote.